How I had three babies in two years and no, I did not have multiples!

This post is intended to share my journey thus far as a mom entrepreneur a.k.a “mompreneur.” My journey and accomplishments over the past year are far from being the “poster child success story,” I might have wished for. However, while it has been a somewhat bumpy ride, I’ve come out with a very strong sense of fulfillment, something I wouldn’t trade for anything. So, in the hope of encouraging moms out there to bring forth more children into the world: whether it’s a business, passion project, career or another human, please read on.

Mismatched socks organic socks Jacob Quinn

1 year old Jacob Quinn - days before the launch of Q for Quinn


My journey began in January 2017 when I had my first baby and named him Jacob Quinn, he soon became the inspiration behind the idea “Q for Quinn.” Every mom can relate to the constant scrambling for matching pairs of socks when it seems like you just bought a bunch of new ones yet can’t find a pair anywhere, perhaps the dryer ate them, and all of this while trying to rush out the door. I soon tired of this constant struggle to find matching socks and tried to look for ones that would simply work together, this didn’t work either. One day it dawned on me, what if there were socks that looked good even when worn mismatched?

So I began to look at all the socks out there…which was a lot! From this I learned that there wasn’t a set of kid’s socks out there that had the list of features I desired in socks. I wanted socks that were chemical-free for my baby as he may want to chew on them, I wanted them to be comfortable for all day wear, I wanted grips on them for when he started to take his first steps, seamless toes to add to his comfort level, and finally I wanted them to look good mismatched. I set out to create my first perfect set of socks.

After months of hard work in March of 2018 I was ready to launch my new socks. However, life oftentimes throws in a curveball and we have to learn to accept it and keep going. And that’s exactly what happened to us… just days before my launch I received the surprising news that I was pregnant! I was just starting to get my bearings as a mom to Jacob and the thought of adding another child to the mix, especially now since I had Q for Quinn, was overwhelming. It took us a long time to be blessed with Jacob, so I felt that although this baby was unexpected, it was still an unexpected gift that I was grateful for. If something had to take a back seat it had to be Q for Quinn, but somehow I wasn’t ready to give this up and I felt incredibly guilty for wanting to continue to grow this small business of mine. 

So we decided to keep going although it would be challenging. And challenging it was. The months following Isabella’s birth were simply put, rough! I lost a lot of blood during the birth and was barely recovering when we were back in the hospital for Isabella  who was admitted Bronchiolitis for several days right before my first holiday season. It was just incredibly tough being a mother to two very young kids. Every day I felt I needed to give up on Q for Quinn and I almost did a couple of times. One time I was about to give up completely when I received an email from a customer. She said, “Building a business is another child - and yours is infused with so much love and creativity - it very much shows. There is a lot of intentionality behind it all.” Her words really stuck with me and got me thinking… Q for Quinn is very much another child for me: lots of late nights, sacrifices, patience and mistakes. Yet despite all the hard work and struggles, there is an incredible feeling of fulfillment. I felt so proud when I would receive feedback from the many moms who chose us for their sock needs, and the little feet that were wearing our healthy and comfy socks. An incredible feeling of fulfillment and pride akin to watching my two year old son fix a puzzle all by himself for the first time is just how I felt about Q for Quinn.

 Q for Quinn children socks Jacob (2 years) and  Isabella (4 months) in their  matching, mismatched socks

My drive for Q for Quinn continues to be fueled by this same pride and love today. The love I have for this project and to see it grow into something I can be proud of (and my kids can be too) is immense. I treat this little “business” of mine as another child, that needs to be loved and nurtured just the same. I now believe that any business if nurtured and loved, the same way as a child is will shine through in the end!

 When people ask me now “how do you do it?” Instead of saying what I used to, “I have no clue!” I say, “Q for Quinn is another one of my babies that I’m raising alongside Jacob and Isabella, it has its ups and downs just like parenting a child, but the sense of fulfillment is so big that it makes those daily challenges shrink in comparison, and the benefits are so worth any little struggle in the end!

Thank you so much for following and supporting my journey. Each and every one of you is such an important part of it and I will be forever grateful!

P.S. You might be reading this post looking for coping mechanisms. Maybe because you are going through the same or just about to endeavor in a challenging passion project while also being a mom to young kids. If you are looking for practical things, I have found the following helpful in trying to survive this parenting journey:

  • I’ve lowered my standards for household cleanliness
  • I have learnt to prioritize and only spend time on what makes a difference
  • I have accepted that I will make lots of mistakes and that’s ok
  • I practice safe co-sleeping with my kids. 
  • I accept that #momguilt will never go away. 
  • I don't stress if my two year old does not eat healthy every meal.
  • I ask for help when I need it and don't try to do it all.